25th July 2012
Green Products

Earth-Friendly Board Games for Hot Summer Nights


If you’re looking to while away a rainy day or an evening at the cottage this summer, board games are a great family-friendly activity. And if you want to teach your children about nature or even just learn more about it yourself, there are a number of games out there for greenies.

Xeko is an expansive and expandable card game, where the aim is to restore balance to the Earth’s ecosystems by managing limited natural resources. You’ll want to purchase a starter kit to begin, and you can choose between four current missions: Madagascar, Costa Rica, Indonesia, and China. The game can be played by children as young as 8, but the makers say 13-30 is the ideal age range.

If you prefer cooperative game play instead, EcoRanch is a strategy board game with a twist: players get ahead by giving back or paying it forward, and you win by creating a sustainable environment. The game is recommended for ages 12 and up.

An award-winning family board game, BioViva puts your nature knowledge to the test. Fun for 2-6 players, you win by collecting the most Eco-Points, which are earned by answering various trivia questions about different global destinations. The game is available in four languages and is designed for players aged 8 and up.

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