4th May 2012
Green Products

Eco-Friendly and Chlorine-Free Shower Curtain Solutions


Rock Candy's Whimsical Birds Shower Curtain

Traditional shower curtains tend to contain PVC and chlorine, which aren’t good for your health or for the environment. Here are some eco-friendly options to keep your bathroom looking chic while avoiding these nasty chemicals.

Rock Candy Life has a range of PVC-free and chlorine-free shower curtains in three different designs: Whimsical Birds, Royal Luxe and Moroccan Luxe. Each one is $24.99 USD and the company offers free shipping throughout the US and $5 shipping to Canada.

GAIAM offers a linen shower curtain, made from flax-based linen that’s grown without pesticides. It can be paired with their chlorine-free Eco Shower Curtain Liner.

If you’d like to make a real statement, the “SPLASH” Recycled Shower Curtain from Monsoon Vermont is made from repurposed plastic trash from the streets of Jakarta. Not only does it create a new use for garbage that can’t otherwise be recycled, it also provides sustainable work for the citizens of Indonesia’s capital.

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  1. Bea McLane

    Amazing! I do shower curtains very similar to this on my website. I absolutely love the originality and design of these curtains. Beautiful. -b.

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