25th August 2009
Green Products

Eco-Friendly Doggie Gear From Collars to Food to Dog T-Shirts to Bowls


Olive Green Dog recently launched its online store for eco-friendly doggie goodies. The Austin, Texas based company hopes that the combination of pet goods and concern for the environment will attract consumers in a very crowded online marketplace for pet goods.

“Green is not necessarily a new trend. Years ago, our mothers said ‘Buy something nice and make it last’, meaning less can be more. We live in a world bent on throwawayism, chock full of cheaply made, potentially unsafe dog products. We understand that responsible dog owners are looking for options.” says Gina Quiroga, co-founder of Olive Green Dog. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

In the interest of keeping things even-handed, the companies below will be Olive Green Dog’s competitors in the green pet marketplace:

Urban Leash and Treat
This online eco pet retailer features cake mix for dogs and compostable Biobags for pet waste on its front page.

This Etsy retailer sells vegan doggie biscuits.

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