27th July 2010
Green Products

Eco-Friendly Drain Cleaners That Work Now on the Market


While most of us have replaced household products with greener versions in various shades of green, drain cloggers are still something that many families have hung onto for convenience, not wanting to rely on drain snakes or canned air products for what can potentially be a rather disgusting issue to tackle. Bottom line, an eco-friendly drain cleaner has to work reliably and quickly to replace its non eco-friendly counterparts. Here are a few that report that they do the trick, and if you want to try to make your own, check the video.

Eco-Green Drain Cleaner
A new product from Daimer, this commercial strength drain opener promises to lick clogged drains using plant-based technology.

Bac-Out Drain Care
This product from Bi-O-Kleen uses enzymes to clean out drains and keep them running smoothly.

Earth Enzymes
This product from Ecos works off of the same principle as Bac-Out – enzymes take care of the organic matter that clogs drains, allowing water to flow freely through them.

Most of these products work the best with occasional applications, rather than waiting until you have a clogged drain to solve the problem.

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