23rd April 2010
Green Products

Eco-Friendly Espresso Machines for some Green Flava in Your Java


For consumers it’s hard to resist that morning cup of java, even knowing they are polluting the environment one wasteful single serving cup at a time. It’s time to retire the old energy sucking espresso or Tassimo machine for something that is better for the environment and will make you feel good about contributing to a cleaner planet while sipping back your beverage.

Regular espresso machines can now be replaced with The Presso Espresso. Patrick Hunt designed the zero-energy Presso Espresso with a green theme of eliminating waste, and power usage in mind.

Fill the tamp handle with your choice ground, pack it in, add hot water, raise the handles of the machine to let the water infuse the grinds, and then press the handles downwards – voila, your eco-friendly daily fix.

The Presso is made from polished aluminum; it can be recycled at the end of its life.

The Khava
, a concept design by Lina Fischer, is also another way of making an eco-friendly fresh cup of coffee. Obviously you’re going to need to put your coffee into so check out these great mugs!

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