2nd August 2012
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Eco Friendly Furniture Tips

I’ve noticed that people everywhere have become super aware of  the products they use and everything that is in their home, right down to the details such as paint. We always get asked about organic or eco friendly furniture such as bed frames, tables and couches. I’ve never had a great answer since all of the bed frames we use in our showrooms are custom made for us by a local carpenter. So I decided to go digging for healthy furniture options and was surprised by the great stuff I found.

It’s important to keep a few tips in mind when shopping for eco friendly furniture:

  •  If you choose wood, always look for the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) logo.
  • Reclaimed wood or reclaimed furniture is also a great option found in store, or get create and do it yourself.
  • Shop vintage and antique furniture stores.
  • VOC-free is important, always ask what kind of stain or paint was used to finish the furniture.

The big questions now, where do I find it?

Great places to find Eco-Friendly furniture:

Inmod: Great selection of modern furniture, and a huge selection of Eco-friendly options featuring some great brands like Kalon Studio and Earth’s Friend Furniture.

Housefish: All pieces are made in Denver, CO using FSC certified wood and all finishes are VOC free. The Hex Modular Shelving would be a great addition to every home!

Crate & Barrel: This one was a pleasant surprise, I love when great products are this accessible! Since Crate & Barrel ships almost everywhere and they most likely have a store in your city there is no reason not to check out their great Eco options.

Pottery Barn: Another great accessible option. Many of their offerings feature natural sea grass, which is pretty cool. They have a great couch collection as well.


You can also have something made for you locally by your carpenter or buy from artisan furniture makers.

Have you come across any great options that I missed? Let me know!



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  1. Sandy

    Thanks for compiling a list of eco-friendly stores. I also found an article for those who want to ‘greenify’ their room further with eco-friendly furnitures.

  2. wendy

    Thanks for the list. I live in the San Francisco and I found a place that sells Eco-friendly friendly furniture and thought I would pass it along.

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