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5th July 2011
Green Products

Eco-Friendly Sunglasses Stylish & Sustainable!

schwood sunglasses 1

(IMAGE CREDIT: Schwood Wood Sunglasses)

I have over the years purchased many different kinds of sunglasses, but none of them I could call eco-friendly. It seems eco-friendly sunglasses are the new “it” item to hit the market, and I never complain when fashion and sustainability meet.

My current pair, I will soon have to replace because of a scratch that is becoming un-tolerable, sound familiar?

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve probably broken at least one set of glasses, if not more in your life so far.

Maybe you sat on them, left your sunglasses on top of your car, put them in your purse, or beg while thinking they’d survive.  Then, you may have heard a crunch, and cringed.  Or, if you were lucky the frame was just bent, or the glass got scratched.

Either way, eventually, you probably went out to hunt for a new pair of sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a necessity, and they can also be a trend!

So, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be awesome if people caught onto the trend where cool sunglasses are eco-friendly sunglasses?!?!

Yes, very cool!

Here are some sunglasses that are eco-friendly, and fun that you should look into!

Kayu Design sunglasses are made from bamboo and by purchasing a pair you’d be giving a child or adult in the developing world a sight –restoring surgery.  Just amazing.

Or, check out Amy Sacks Eyewear, or Urban spectacles.

Lastly, check out The E.C.O. (Environmentally Conscious Optics), I’m confident you will be impressed!

So when the sun is shining, collect your green brownie points by sporting a pair of  eco-friendly sunglasses while protecting your eyes from harmful UV Rays.


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  1. greener

    Buying more products is never green, and bamboo could not last long. can’t be fooled by this kind of stupid post.

    • Crystal

      Not all of the sunglasses are bamboo that have been recommended. Another option would be to fix the sunglasses that a person already has, but this could be costly. Having a sustainable product such as bamboo, instead of plastic is never a bad option.

  2. greener

    Plastic’s flexibility is much better than bamboo, it’s one of the best material to make durable and cost-efficient glasses. And the simple to solve your problem is to have a glasses case.

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