1st August 2018
In the Media

Essentia Announces New Showroom Hours

Essentia locations now have new hours to better accommodate our customers, and allow our staff the most optimal work and life balance. Devised in response to visitor patterns, we realize that Essentia is truly a destination location for our customers this presented us with a unique opportunity to also prioritize our employees.

We believe that true wellness includes a healthy body and mind. These new location hours allow Essentia employees the opportunity to hit the reset button and bring their best selves to our mission of spreading health and wellness effortlessly while you sleep. Essentia recovery sleep can make the world of a difference in everyone’s lives, and we encourage you to make a trip to visit one of our stores if you’re thinking about us for a while.

Essentia stores with updated hours include New York, Santa Monica, Berkeley and Denver in the US, and Calgary, Ottawa and Vancouver in Canada.

We look forward to introducing you to next level sleep powered by Essentia and our six key elements for true whole body recovery.


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