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1st October 2015

Essentia Calgary & The Betterhood

If you saw the events listed at the end of last month’s newsletter you probably thought it was kind of random… but all those events are a part of a great initiative all Essentia stores participate in that we call The Betterhood.

Essentia Betterhood

At Essentia, we like to have fun, especially in our own backyards! Getting involved in changing things for the greater good is exciting. So, when we open a new Essentia location it’s never just about retail. Our stores are part of communities, making a positive impact within our neighborhoods is what the Betterhood is all about.

Supporting local talent, organizations and even fellow businesses encourages healthy growth of our community, which in the end makes us all really happy campers: Sustainability at its finest!

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One of the most recent examples of The Betterhood in action is The Changing Face exhibit currently on display at Essentia Calgary. It’s a first of it’s kind showcase of Calgary’s contemporary portraiture artists including Daniel Audet, Amy Gaulin, Aaron Sidorenko, Rich Theroux, Nick Rooney, Brian Flynn, Doug Nhung, Ness Nelson and Shon Anderson.


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The exhibit is unique in the Calgary art space as it is the first to be solely dedicated to portraiture or as Nick Rooney put it “the city’s first show of the human face”. It was also a great platform for Calgary to be introduced to nine local artists that have seen success across the world but not so much in their own backyard.

As She Paints Red says in her Painting the Town post:

“The competencies and technical achievements in these various artists was so evident. Not only was it a powerhouse show, but the space sang of community and support and lively enthusiasm for the arts in Calgary.  I think that Calgary is generating a lively spirit as art, artists and performance artists emerge through create! The East Village lofts, in mattress shops, cafes, open studios and Rumble Houses. It is a very exciting time where art and experience are accessible to all.”

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We’re really proud to see a show of this caliber and importance take place and know that we had a hand in these artists getting closer to their own communities. We’re excited to continue sharing with you all the great Betterhood projects and events that all Essentia location cook up.


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