7th February 2018
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Essentia Celebrates it’s 12 Year Anniversary!

It’s been 12 years of Essentia making high quality, healthy, organic mattresses that bring the benefits of a clean air environment, organic material, an allergen-free sleep surface and more into your home.

To celebrate Essentia is running a month-long anniversary sale, which you take advantage of now. We promise our anniversary sale is bigger than any President’s Day Sale you’ll see if you’re looking for a truly healthy mattress!

We’re really excited that this year we get to share our anniversary with the Winter Olympics! Essentia is really proud to work with many Olympic athletes and watching them compete on the world stage is always a thrill. We’ve also had the pleasure to work closely with Olympic medalist and now High-Performance coach Catherine Garceau. Catherine and Jack recently did a great Q&A session and this is the perfect time to share some of that with you. If you’re confused about makes Essentia different, and what benefits we bring to your home this will definitely answer that:

Jack Dell’Accio, CEO & Founder of Essentia, shared this message in celebration of Essentia’s 12-year anniversary

Twelve Years and Counting!

It has been twelve years since I founded Essentia. It’s amazing looking back at all we’ve accomplished, and as I look ahead, all that we still must do!

Essentia has been building more momentum… once again, an Essentia mattress has been featured by Consumer Reports. Our Stratami mattress has been recommended by Consumer Reports as one of the top foam mattresses available. Getting this newest accolade brought the Tatami, which has been featured in Consumer Reports with a high score, back to the forefront so to commemorate Essentia’s 12th year we’ve brought the Tatami back to our permanent lineup!

I’ve realized that whether you are leading a company, a family, a cause; it is not a race but a marathon. We started with the knowledge that we made the world’s best product, and then through the years we made it better; we started with a mission to help people heal, we now are proud to help people thrive.

Moving forward, we will continue to evolve and learn from everyone around us, they all play a role in the story, the successes, the failures, the challenges and the solutions. We learned from our biggest fans, our toughest critics, our athletes and our partners. Without you realizing, you have been a part of Essentia’s greatness as a product, as a company, and our purpose. I’m always inspired by the drive of the athletes we work with, and seeing them accomplish the ultimate achievements in their sport, like Corey Clement of the Philadelphia Eagles who is now a Super Bowl champion!

Over the years there were some comments and quotes from the athletes we work with that really help me sum up Essentia’s journey:

Determined and humbled. We turned setbacks into growth spurts. Hurtful moments into gems of awareness. We take a little more of the blame and a little less of the credit. Our fate is in our control. Here we are smiling looking ahead.

Happy Birthday, Essentia!

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