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1st February 2022
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Essentia Debuts New Rebranded Logo for 17th Anniversary Celebration

Essentia World's Only Natural Memory Foam Original Logo

Essentia’s Original Logo

As Essentia celebrates 17 years of leading the charge when it comes to sleep wellness, it’s important to take stock of where we came from. This is even more true as we introduce a rebranded, elevated Essentia logo.

17 years ago when Essentia came to be, we introduced ourselves to the world with a relaxed color palette and a pretty long tagline but the thing that stood out the most what the iconic “flower” as everyone called it. Believe it or not, this isn’t a flower at all, there is a lot of symbolism that makes the perfect mattress and it was important that it was represented. 

Perfection is in the Logo 

So what does that flower truly represent, it’s actually a banana curve!


When testing foam, a compression and recovery phase occurs. The result is a banana curve. The shape of perfect recovery is found in our logo and then mirrored across, creating the petal shape. The droplet represents the organic essential oils and water, key ingredients in making our patented slow response organic latex foam.

Essentia’s New Rebranded Logo for 2022:  

Essentia's New Rebranded Logo

Essentia’s New Logo

When going through the process of our rebrand, we wanted to elevate what we already had while creating a feel of organic sophistication. Keeping the flower as a part of the new logo was very important to us, as that symbolizes the perfect contour of our foam and what our mattresses can do for your sleep.

Another big thing you will see is Rise & Thrive. This is the key message that we here at Essentia feels truly explains what it is we do and the outcomes we strive to achieve for every Essentia sleeper. 

Essentia’s Manifesto:

Essentia Rise & Thrive Logo

Essentia Rise & Thrive Logo

What do we mean when we say we want you to thrive? We expect you to wake up every day not just rested, but resilient. Not just recharged, but ready for anything. And not just happier, but healthier – from bedtime to all the time. To thrive is to rise, without compromise. 

This is why we’re the world’s healthiest, cleanest, and most natural mattress designed for the best sleep ever from the inside out. Non-toxic and certified organic, our patented vegan technology has us pouring our energy into your nights, so you can pour yours into your most vibrant days. Essentia. Rise & thrive.

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