4th May 2016

Essentia Denver: We’ve Moved!

If you live in the Denver area you’ve probably heard the story about the developer that purchased a big chunk of Fillmore street. They’ve got big plans that unfortunately don’t include the businesses already there. While very disappointing, we didn’t have any plans of leaving Denver… it was just time to find a new home, and we did!

We’ve come to love the Cherry Creek neighborhood and couldn’t imagine leaving, so our new location is a quick 7-minute walk from our old stomping ground. You can now find Essentia’s Denver showroom at 144 Steele Street.

We’re excited to keep the Essentia momentum up in Denver, a city that has embraced us and had a lot of pretty cool things happen for Essentia. Most exciting being Matt Duchene of the Colorado Avalanche telling the Denver Post about Essentia mattresses:

“I bet you every guy in the league will have one within five years!”

As a company with deep Canadian roots, we love the sound of that, hockey is life 🙂

Essentia is Next Level Sleep!

Traditional mattresses can be made up of flame retardants, petroleum based foams, poor quality components and just a mish-mosh of things that leave you in sleep jail… You won’t find any of that in Essentia mattresses.

Essentia natural memory foam products are made using only the highest quality natural and organic components. Essentia’s patented technology makes it the only mattress able to address the 6 key elements of Wholebody recovery including sleeping cool, allergy friendly and a clean air environment.  All things you can only find at Essentia’s Denver showroom.

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