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7th March 2018
Green Products

Essentia Kingston Pet Bed

The Kingston pet bed is having a great start to 2018!

We’re so happy to see so many pet parents loving the Kingston, and pampering their pets. Great sleep is so important for humans and just as important for your pets. Think about it they do a lot of running around, chasing balls and just loving all over their humans… that can really wear a pooch out! Proper rest and recovery keep your loved pet healthy and happy. Plus, if you get them their own Essentia they’ll stop stealing yours!

Here are a few of our favorite Kingston Pet Bed highlights:

When Wednesday feels like a Monday. I told my hubby the other day I wish humans could hibernate like animals do. I wouldn’t mind sleeping for 2 months and not paying any bills. ✌Anyone else feel that way in the winter? Having a good mattress makes a world of a difference and this pup is spoiled with his memory foam mattress from @essentiagram. We need a new mattress, so we will be looking for one shortly and essentia will be #1 on our list. ➡️I added a new recipe for my sugar free chocolate fix on my Insta stories. It takes about 1 minute to make and the perfect out the door breakfast. __________________________________ #shopforless #maltese101 #cozyvibes #outfitsociety #lookbookfashion #outfitstyle #mattress #whattowear #fashiongoals #winterstyle #mystyle #shopmyoutfit #outfitstyle #mamaswithstyle #wewearlookbook #fashiondiaries #fashionforward #streetwear #maltesepuppy #dogsofinsta #onthestreet #hibernation #wednesdaymotivation #humpwednesday #doggieselfie A post shared by Brianna Lynne | Blynneford (@savvygirlsstyle) on

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