Essentia Organic Mattress
20th November 2019

Why Choose an Essentia Mattress? Easy, We’re the Top Rated Foam Mattress 3 Years Running!

Essentia has been making high-quality organic mattresses for over 14 years now… we’ve always been a big hit with professional athletes, health gurus, and environmentally conscious consumers. We don’t use any polyurethane foams, chemical flame retardants or toxic chemicals that you find in synthetic mattresses, in fact, we believe that anything a chemical can do a plant can do better. Our GOLS and GOTS certified organic factory is where our award-winning team of engineers works on constantly perfecting the Essentia sleep experience. They have been recognized for their research and development accomplishments in developing the healthiest mattress materials and mattress cores making Essentia the leader in healthy sleep and environmental manufacturing. It’s no wonder then why Delos, a global wellness pioneer, named Essentia mattress as the healthiest in the world, and why Essentia is a founding member of the Mayo Clinic’s Well Living Lab. These are not achievements that you come by without being the real deal.  

We’ve noticed recently all the noise out there in the mattress industry, suddenly every company manufactures their own mattress with lots of “engineering” claims that ship easily in a box and can be discarded just as easily. The reality is that the industry is consolidating to white label mattress providers, meaning that there are few factories offering this service so many of the brands that you know are made by the same white-label manufacturer. What that means is that everyone pretends to be a manufacturer, while they are made out of the same discount polyurethane manufactured factory lines with most of the focus being on the color of the fabric, the logo, and of course the box.

Their goal is high-volume and low-cost. This is why some of the big players out there have quietly stopped using latex, opting for a full polyurethane foam system, and are touting the addition of springs as a premium component, when in fact a hybrid mattress with springs should be the more economical entry-level mattress.

Essentia is consistently rated as the top foam mattress 3 years running according to the leading independent consumer review organizations.

Essentia 2019 Comparisons

Essentia delivers performance sleep to your door. Made with only the highest quality natural and organic components Essentia is trusted by wellness leaders such as Deepak Chopra, and is the only Hippocrates Health Institute approved mattress. Our sleep surface has been tested to be allergy-free by Dr. Robert Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. We’ll also help you sleep cool naturally without the use of phase-changing chemicals that you will find in other “breeze” mattresses. Essentia mattresses naturally sleep up to seven degrees cooler than your body temp over an eight-hour sleep cycle. 

You can see how Essentia compares to other mattress brands here:


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  1. Carolyn Cline

    I stayed at the MGM Grand Hotel in the “Stay Well Rooms” in Las Vegas Nevada and slept on an Essentia Mattress which was the best sleep I have ever had. Can anyone tell me which mattress that was so I can order that specific one?

    • Stefanie

      Hi Carolyn,

      So happy to hear that you enjoyed your time in a Stay Well Room. We manufacture the Stay Well mattress which you can purchase directly from Stay Well here:

      The Essentia model that would most closely feel like that mattress is our Classic 8. Essentia does offer a 120-Night Sleep Trial, Free Shipping, 20 Year Warranty and 0% APR Financing Options. Please let us know if we can help answer any other questions.

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