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3rd February 2016
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Essentia’s 10 Year Anniversary: Meet the Keys to our Success!

It’s our big 10-year anniversary! Happy Birthday to us!!!

It’s crazy to think that I’ve been on this ride for almost five years now, and I’m proud to say that many of my colleagues have been at it for even longer. When Jack references us being more than a company it’s really true… we’re more like family. It isn’t often that you come across a company with people so passionate and dedicated to seeing success as you do at Essentia.

With that in mind, we decided to do something fun to celebrate the very core of this company and give you some insight into the personalities that we have within the walls of Essentia.

I had a chat with Paul, manager at our first ever Essentia location in Toronto; Tony, the guy that’s literally in the middle of where all the magic happens: production; as well as Diego, our newest manager, and Perla from our new Miami mattress store location!

Tony is the heart of the Essentia production team… and has been with us longer than we’ve really been a brand!

Stef: How long have you been with Essentia?

Tony: 11 years… yep even before Essentia as a brand existed!

SG: As I mentioned, you’re the guy in the middle of all the magic: the actual mattress making. Did you ever think you would be in mattress production?

TP: I never thought I’d be making mattresses but I was a chef in my past life and I find making a mattress is like baking a cake… it takes a lot of love and attention to detail to be sure it comes out perfect. I am personally invested in the quality of every mattress that is made. In the past 5 years there has been a big turnaround in the factory with our technology, how we’re working and the way we make our mattress. It’s all been brought to the next level!

SG: What is it about Essentia that has kept you with us this long?

TP: Jack is a great leader and innovator, the product that we’re creating and how it’s being introduced to the world is very fulfilling. Knowing that I am contributing to the overall health of people is rewarding.

SG: Any funny stories you want to share with us?

TP: The best moment so far has been when we were testing the implementation of our new robotic arm to dispense the liquid foam into the mold…. The arm got away from us and my colleague Lyes ended up covered in foam! I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as hard as I did watching his face when he realized what was happening. The cleanup took a while, but the memory is worth it!

Our Toronto store location was first Essentia store we ever opened a bit over 6 years ago! Paul has been with us pretty much since the beginning of the retail journey.

Stef: Inquiring minds want to know, how long have you actually been with Essentia Paul?

Paul: I started working with Essentia early in January of 2010, so it has been over 6 years now.

SG: Awesome! Take us back to opening the first Essentia store, any fond memories of the experience?

PB: I came on board about 6 months after the store opened and was absolutely amazed, or more likely, awakened to what mattress companies had been pushing on us for years.  I was very happy to be offering a healthy alternative to the mattress world.

SG: What is it about Essentia that has kept you with us? What really stands out?

PB: I have been with Essentia for over 6 years for some good reasons.  The main reason being that I am supplying customers with the best mattress available in the world! Essentia excels at what we say: comfort, durability, support and health, not to mention the fact that we are a proud Canadian company.  Being able to sell a product that I believe in, that I am passionate about, and more importantly, one that is helping thousands of people that I’ve spoken to all over the world achieve the best sleep ever is pretty cool.

SG: Any fun stories of memories you would like to share over your 6 years?

PB: Memories that I am most fond of are the stories from my customers. So many have told me they have not had a better nights sleep in decades, and this is coming from people that haven’t slept for more than two hours straight for years!

I also love seeing return customers, being here for over 6 years I have been able to help a couple who then comes back later for their kids. It becomes a big family affair when I realize they’ve also referred their parents, friends, other relatives; I have sold to entire families and knowing they are all sleeping healthier, more supported and comfortable makes me feel great about what I do and the product I sell. Here’s to another 6 years and more!

Now to the newest addition to the Essentia family, Miami! I was excited to have a chat with both Diego and Perla to get some insight on what being in a new area is like, especially one that opens us up to such worldwide exposure.

SG: What was it about Essentia that initially attracted  you?  

Diego: Every time I apply for a job I always research about the company, values, founders etc.. The thing that most attracted me toEssentia is that the original idea of natural memory foam was because our CEO started investigating the environment around us that may have been the possible causes for cancer after a family member  was diagnosed. This touched me really deeply, as in my own family my only uncle passed away for the same reason and also I had a 2-year-old nephew that suffered from the same disease. I am very happy to work for a company that really cares about people’s health and it is also very proactive in promoting a better environment for everyone.

Perla: The idea of selling natural products that can help people to change their lifestyle in a positive way.

SG: Miami is our newest location, do you have any fun stories to share that may have happened opening weekend?

Diego: One lady entered the store with a gorgeous Golden Retriever and asked us if she could take a photo of her dog inside the store. It was amazing because the dog acted like a professional model!!!  After she took the image, she told us that her dog has a blog with photos all around the world !!! She loved the store and the dog loved our Kingston pet beds 🙂

Perla: The first day that we opened we only got Spanish-speaking clients, and our directors, Ester and Jason, that were here at that time didn’t speak much Spanish. They were kind of freaking out because it is difficult to gauge opening weekend success when you can’t follow the conversation that well. We thought it was pretty funny!

SG: You guys are in a unique position of having a more global audience in Miami, how do you think the Essentia message translates across cultures? 

Diego: Personally, I studied International Business and Marketing degree and luckily I had full scholarships to study in Spain, France, China, and USA so I love this question. I believe that the main message of Essentia is to deliver a healthier lifestyle and that is one thing that everybody around the globe has in common. Our first customer was from Asia, our second was American, and the third one from South America. I am in love with the multicultural approach of the store as I always love to interact with different cultures and learn a little bit more every day from them. 

Perla: Having a multicultural clientele is fascinating, especially the fact that we are introducing a product that, most of the time, is new for them. The best part is that we almost always get a positive response: WOW… amazing!

SG: Anything you want to add regarding the Essentia lifestyle, Miami or yourself? 

Diego: I always try to be as healthy as possible and I did not realize how important it was to have a healthy mattress until now. Besides the long term benefits of a clean air environment, we also have the anti-dust mite benefit, very important if you are allergic to dust mites as I am. Essentia is an awesome company made from the love and you notice that the first moment you start being a part of it. I am very proud to be a part of this wonderful team and I will do my best to keep helping people achieve a better lifestyle. I recently moved a few months ago to Miami, and everyone received me with such a warm attitude, I love the culture and how nice everyone is. This is definitely a very good place to live and work!

Perla: Essentia has personally helped me to expand my knowledge of a natural product that I wouldn’t have considered before. It is beneficial for my family and my personal health, which is very important. I love the location of our store in the Shops of Merrick Park and getting to meet new people and have the opportunity to introduce them to a new lifestyle.


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