Essentia Holiday Gift Guide
29th November 2023
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Essentia’s Holiday Gift Guide!

‘Tis the season of giving, and what better gift to give than the promise of a cozy, restful night’s sleep? We all know that person who treasures their zzz’s like gold, and this year, Essentia’s Holiday Gift Guide is here to make their dreams even dreamier!

Let’s face it – finding the perfect present for your loved ones can be a challenge. But fear not! Our gift guide is packed with Essentia goodies that cater to every sleeper in your family and then some. From organic mattresses to snuggle-worthy pillows, we’ve got the secret sauce for next-level sleep.

At Essentia, we’re not just in the business of sleep; we’re in the business of exceptional sleep. Because, let’s be honest, life’s too short for mediocre slumber. Our carefully curated gift guide is your passport to a world where every night is a luxurious escape into the realms of blissful rest.

Oh, did we mention the best part? Essentia crafts all of our organic mattresses, organic pillows, and even organic pet beds in our GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory in Canada, ensuring a smooth journey from our home to yours. While we can’t predict delivery truck speed records, it’s never too early to start your gift shopping – just in case!

So, as the holiday fervor kicks in and the search for the perfect gift heats up, why not treat your loved ones (and yourself) to Essentia’s sleep-enhancing offerings. Say goodbye to mundane gift guides; it’s time to unwrap the joy of superior sleep with our exclusive offerings.

Essentia’s Holiday Gift Guide:

For Literally Anyone, An Essenita Gift Card

Essentia Gift Card

Why not give your friends and family the gift of choice? With an Essentia Gift Card, they can choose the Essentia product that they feel fits them best. Their Essentia Gift Card will never expire and can be used for any Essentia purchase. You can purchase an Essentia Gift Card in a few simple clicks: Visit our Gift Card page here, choose the amount you would like to load on the gift card starting at $100, and then check out! We’ll send the gift card directly to you and then you can then forward it off to the person you are gifting. We’re excited to be able to offer such a great option to be able to share the Essentia love with your friends and family.

For your 4-legged loved one:

Two beautiful dobermans, a pug, and a white cat relaxing on an Essentia kingston dog bed.

Elevate your pet’s nap game with the Kingston luxury dog bed. Made from a blend of three premium shredded organic foams, including Essentia’s exclusive Beyond Latex organic foam, it offers unmatched comfort, breathability, and durability. 

Designed with your pet’s preferences in mind, the Kingston features an organic cotton cover and soft grip cotton bottom to keep it from slipping while your pet burrows into the comforting foam. Plus it’s adhesive-free and easy to clean thanks to the removable, waterproof organic cotton cover.

For your college student:

Essentia topper shown rolled up

Have you ever slept on a dorm mattress? Count yourself lucky if you haven’t had to experience the uncomfortable, plastic-covered thin mattresses that grace dorm rooms across the country. Sleep is a time that the brain recovers from the day, which in turn strengthens your ability to learn and recall information.

Thankfully Essentia offers two amazing topper options that make the perfect gift! The Zero Gravity Organic Latex Topper with EMF Protection – because we all know there is no way you can get them to put down their phones! As well as the Dorm IQ Organic Foam mattress topper for amazing pressure relief. Not to mention, both are impervious to dust mites and bed bugs! 

For your parents:

Essentia performance micro knit organic sheets

Pamper your parents with the unparalleled luxury of Essentia’s Performance Micro Knot organic cotton sheets. Featuring a bespoke knitting technique, these sheets deliver an ultra-soft touch and maximum breathability. Experience the sublime softness and performance stretch not found in any other organic sheets. Gift pure indulgence every time they slip into bed. 

A touch of elegance and luxury that your parents will love night after night. 

For your Pillow Enthusiast Cousin:

Essentia Pillows

Crafted with precision in our GOLS and GOTS-certified organic factory, each Essentia organic pillow is a testament to our commitment to excellence. Engineered with our patented Beyond Latex organic foam these non-toxic pillows prioritize your well-being. Featuring only the finest organic components including a GOTS-certified organic cotton cover, Essentia pillows ensure the ultimate comfort and support for your head and neck.  Prepare for your cousin to say goodbye to all other pillows once they experience the unparalleled comfort of Essentia organic pillows.

For Your Globe-Trotting Sibling:

Essentia Ergo

The ErGo Organic Travel Pillow redefines comfort with its ergonomic design, featuring a small hump in the back the ErGo travel pillow provides support from all angles. Made entirely of organic latex foam it strikes the perfect balance between firmness and softness, alleviating muscle tension. The adjustable neck track ensures a snug for for a multitude of neck sizes, and a clasp allows it to easily attach to your luggage when on the go. 

This multitasker is also a great addition for long road trips, at the office, and makes the perfect neck support pillow while gaming!

For the Expectant Mother:

Essentia Crib

The Lala, the healthiest crib mattress on the market. This pressure-relieving, breathable crib mattress, cradles and supports your baby unlike any other, while still meeting all standards for a firm crib mattress. We believe that the LaLa organic crib mattress offers the healthiest start for infants at a critical stage when sleep is so important. 

It’s what you won’t find the the LaLa that matters most! No synthetic components, eliminating exposure to toxins. No Polyurethane foams. No vinyl waterproofing. No toxic flame retardants. The LaLa gives your precious little one the healthiest start, and mom a peace of mind.

For your Little One:

Essentia Grateful


At every stage of a child’s life, it is our role to eliminate threats, especially the invisible monsters called VOCs. If it’s time to make the switch to a toddler bed, you can’t do better than the Grateful Bed Jr, a perfect fit for your little one’s big kid bed. You’d be hard-pressed to find a natural kids’ mattress with this level of comfort and support with a 10-year warranty at this value.

Plus, it’s built to fit perfectly in a toddler bed, bunk bed, loft bed, and even their favorite cartoon character’s bed frame!

For the Athlete in the Family:

Essentia Athlete

This is a big one, but if your family member is going pro then they deserve a ProCor Custom Mattress,  we’ve designed and developed a custom sleep system unique to each athlete’s individual profile. Because you can’t conquer the professional league without proper recovery.

Packed with Essentia patented technology, the ProCor P1 features all 7 key elements for rejuvenating sleep built specifically to each body. Our Essentia ID process determines the Beyond Latex™ organic foam variations to use in your custom mattress, this means no ProCor P1 mattress is built alike as each layer will vary to meet the specific posture, muscular, and body needs of the sleeper.

Splurge on yourself

Essentia Holida

An Essentia mattress! You won’t believe how transformational good sleep is until you experience it for yourself. Sleep is the source from which we replenish, and has a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health, productivity, relationships, and beyond. Essentia understands this and has created the world’s healthiest and most durable foam mattresses, free of harmful toxins, allergens, and off-gases found in synthetic mattresses so you can reap the full health benefits of sleep, without harming yourself or the environment. Promoting a clean air environment, Essentia mattresses are also hypoallergenic as they do not have any wool or fiber batting that dust mites love. Plus, the natural memory foam and core are impervious to dust mites as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Essentia’s mission is to ensure you achieve the best rest possible because a good night turns into a better day.

This holiday season, make your gift-giving memorable and meaningful by choosing Essentia. Elevate the art of sleep and wellness for your loved ones and yourself. A good night’s sleep truly does turn into a better day.

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