2nd March 2016
Health and Wellness

Experience Stay Well & Essentia!

The World’s Healthiest Mattress!

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This is not a phrase that we use lightly, and as Jack mentioned in his newsletter message this month, was actually a phrase that Stay Well used when choosing Essentia as the official manufacturer of the Stay Well mattress.

Stay Well didn’t come to this conclusion lightly either, hundreds of mattresses were tested to determine the optimal product for the program.

This is best explained by Peter Scialla, Partner & COO of Delos:

“The Delos organization has spent over seven years researching and partnering with best in class companies, bringing forth technologies that fit our core belief and standards surrounding wellness. As the pioneer of Wellness Real Estate, Delos created the WELL Building Standard, which works in tandem with LEED Certification to promote healthy indoor environments. In the process of selecting a “Healthy Mattress” for our Signature Division and Stay Well Program for hospitality, we evaluated and systematically vetted over a hundred mattress companies and manufacturers before choosing Essentia.  We have used the same rigor in this search as we’ve applied across all of our verticals and have tested and substantiated Essentia’s results. The products we select for our program are paramount to our integrity as a company, and we enthusiastically recommend Essentia’s mattress as best in class — not only related to comfort, sleep, and posture alignment but also as it pertains to low VOC off-gassing and health-related matters.”

The Stay Well program was created from the belief that we deserve environments that have a positive impact on our health, happiness and well-being.

Delos created the Stay Well experience after years of research with doctors, scientists and wellness thought leaders like Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Michael Roizen Chief Wellness Officer of the Cleveland Clinic and Leonardo DiCaprio.

“The Stay Well program is built on many individual features, which when combined, have an unprecedented positive health impact.” Deepak Chopra


For instance, when fully implemented, the Stay Well programs main focus when it comes to a healthy hotel room is on:

  • Eliminating the effects of jet lag
  • Reducing stress
  • Enabling more restful sleep
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Protecting immunity
  • Enhancing respiratory health
  • Optimizing digestion
  • Maintaining skin balance

The core of the Stay Well program fit so closely with our core values here at Essentia, that we were proud to be able to do our part to bring wellness to the forefront of the minds of the larger population. We also couldn’t help but notice that our 6 key elements of whole body recovery are very closely aligned with the focus of the Stay Well program. Essentia’s patented natural memory foam and patented technology allow us to satisfy all 6 key elements of whole body recovery:

  • Wholebody Comfort
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Proper Posture
  • Temperature Control
  • Clean Air Environment
  • Allergy Tested

So the next time you get the travel bug, make plans to experience Stay Well for yourself! Check out all the possible destinations here.

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