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19th August 2011
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Exterior paint for your deck or house with low to no VOC’s

hm products

Early fall is usually a time to consider outdoor projects to prepare your home for winter. Paint jobs on decks and other outdoor areas may need touchups to protect the wood from a harsh winter. If you are looking for low or no Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) paint for the exterior of your home or a deck, you’ll have a bit of a time finding it at a conventional store, even if indoor low to no VOC paint is readily available. If you are pressed for time on a weekend project, keep in mind that the bulk of the VOCs are contained in colouring, so the darker the colour, the more VOCs it has. A light beige or brown is a better choice than a darker colour.

If you have a bit of time to shop around, here are a few brands you can look for.

Benjamin Moore ben exterior paint
This large paint company offers a premium exterior paint with Low VOCs.

Safecoat Paints and Primers
This company manufactures paints especially for the chemically sensitive.

Mythic Paint
This company also sticks with the principle of manufacturing paint without cancer-causing toxins.

For a great backgrounder on VOCs and paint, check out Green Building Supply’s great page on the subject.

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