FIREBIRD e1349219773867
2nd October 2012


FIREBIRD e1349219773867



So this morning on my way to work I had to walk two blocks out of my way because the street I walk down every day was blocked off with police tape. I asked the meter maid who was dutifully guarding the street for any potential insurgence into her territory “why is the street blocked off?” to which she responded ” I cannot discuss it- do you or a close relative live on this section of the street?”  and i replied “no” because it was the truth and i didn’t want to mess her around that early in the morning. Naturally I figured something tragic or violent had happened. I tried to look up the cause of my inconvenience online but there was no mention of any incidents related…..until now!

So when i finally stopped laughing, I immediately set to work on this blog. As it turnes out a seagull ( I am nicknaming Firebird) kamikaze’d a power transformer behind Pop-eyes chicken potentially  being the cause of two small house fires ( minimal damage no one hurt). I think this was no accident, it was a statement by Firebird to fried chicken chain restaurants. The real question is whats the statement? Is he mad at the mistreatment of birds? Or could it be feeling discriminated against since these restaurants exclusively serve chicken as their proffered bird. Then again it could have been a fowl act of terrorism! :’D get it? Fowl! As in birds! HAhahah! Any way…….For those of you who are feeling sorry for Firebird know the he had a quick though spectacular death, and before you shed any tears do me a favor and tell me what you have in your freezer. I bet theres some chicken!

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