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1st June 2016


We’ve been very proud to see the message of Wholebody Recovery resonating with so many people and organizations, Essentia is proud to announce that we are partnering with Fyzical Therapy & Balance Centers to bring Next Level Sleep to Fyzical’s network of innovative clinics. It also doesn’t hurt that Olivia Newton-John is a fan as well!

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As Mike Graves, president of Fyzical Therapy & Balance Center, shared:

FYZICAL is changing healthcare and physical therapy by bringing prevention and holistic care to the forefront of the patient experience.   At FYZICAL we are spelled different because we are different.  We are different because we want to help every man, woman and child be at their FYZICAL best!  This includes the most basic human element of recovery, SLEEP.  That’s why we took so much time searching for a company whose product was backed by science and evidence.  We found Essentia, The Worlds Healthiest Mattress.”

The Synergy of Essentia & Fyzical:

Fyzical is the 7th largest physical therapy company in the US and the first to embark on this journey of implementing sleep as a key element to recovery. Essentia’s patented technologies allow us to make the only mattress that addresses the 6 key elements of recovery including:

  • Wholebody Comfort
  • Optimized Sleep
  • Proper Posture
  • Temperature Control
  • Clean Air Environment
  • Allergy Friendly

These elements are all vital for a body to be able to truly rest and recover, especially for a person trying to come back from a sports injury, concussion, even vertigo and balance related issues. Fyzical is using cutting-edge innovation, such as Body Q, that allows therapists to diagnose and help patients in a way that hasn’t been seen in traditional physical therapy before.

Fyzical’s focus on optimal physical health and wellness makes them the perfect fit to advocate for recovery sleep.  For example, Fyzical’s BodyQ system provides a comprehensive health assessment that gives instant feedback to areas of concern, therapists are then able to create a full training program and plan for a client’s unique goals. Sleep is the time for your body to heal and repair, and a lot of the work you do during the day is remembered by your body during sleep.

Getting next level sleep with Essentia will make the road to WholeBody recovery as easy as climbing into bed!



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