29th June 2012
Green Products

Gentle Baby Wipes That Won’t Hurt Baby’s Bum or the Earth


As soft as a baby’s bottom… A baby’s behind is delicate, and yet most conventional products use chemicals to keep them clean. Here are some more eco-friendly alternatives that are also gentler on your little one’s derriere.

Seventh Generation has their own line of Free & Clear Baby Wipes. Instead of harsh chemicals, these disposable wipes use plant-based ingredients and have no alcohol, synthetic cleaners, dyes or fragrances.

If you’re willing to take on some extra loads of laundry, BabyKicks Hemparoo Washies/Wipes use a soft hemp fleece for their reusable oval-shaped wipes. Especially handy if you’re already using washable diapers, since they can be tossed in with the same load.

Another reusable option is the Bum-Bum Baby Wet Wipe Kit. These handy kits come in a zippered pouch containing organic cotton wipes and a natural herbal wet-wipe spray. They’re also available in a travel kit for diaper bags, cars and purses.

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