Seventh Generation Facial Tissue
11th September 2010
Green Products

Getting Rid of Your Snot Organically – Having a Cold Eco-Style

Seventh Generation Facial Tissue

It’s that time of year again. When the weather changes, our wardrobe choices and the general change in the weather can lead to a head full of snot and a legion of products to help get rid of said mucus. After tearing through about two boxes of bleached cotton tissues this week, I thought that there had to be a better way to deal with this stuff than blowing one’s nose with chemically treated nastiness. Turns out I was right.

If you are ready to take things a step further and blow your nose into a hanky, Hankettes natural organic handkerchiefs provide you with washable organic goodness. I’ll confess, I don’t quite have the stomach for this one, but serious props to those of you who do.

Seventh Generation
Made from 100% recycled paper, 80% post-consumer. Don’t worry, it wasn’t being used for this purpose before it was recycled.

Pristine Planet

If you haven’t seen this green comparison shopping site before, add it to your favourites or whatever the kids are using these days. It will help you find the green version of anything. Including facial tissue. You’re welcome.

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