a.aaa Too Fat Cat
9th September 2012

Got a Fat Cat? Tufts University Opens First Pet Weight Loss Clinic for Pet Obesity


a.aaa Too Fat Cat

Although I happen to think chubby little animals are extremely cute, that extra few inches of fat might be compromising their health.

Studies show that about 60% of all dogs and cats are obese or overweight, which happens to be more than us humans who are 35% obese, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Obesity is linked to several health problems in both humans & animals, such as diabetes, orthopedic problems, respiratory complications, which leads to a reduced quality of life and life expectancy.


But now there’s hope for your furry friend!

The Tufts’ Veterinary Obesity Clinic, created by the Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University, is the very first clinic to focus on pet weight loss.

By 2015, the clinic aims to treat at least 600 clients per year by focusing on 3 core areas:

1)   providing effective weight-loss programs for overweight and obese pets, including those with several medical conditions

2)   educating veterinary professionals and the public on how to prevent, identify and fight pet obesity

3)   conducting state-of-the art clinical research about the top methods for pet obesity treatment and prevention


Maybe this could possibly raise awareness on not only how to encourage pet owners to manage a healthy lifestyle for their pet, but also have how to have more awareness about their lifestyle choices as well.


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