deckchair green
24th June 2012
Green Products

Green Outdoor Furniture for Your Summer Patio

deckchair green

Deck Chair by Loll Designs

A hot and dry summer has been predicted for much of the East Coast, and that can only mean one thing: patio parties. Since we tend to leave it outside, outdoor furniture has a higher propensity for ending up in a landfill than your indoor furniture does. Choose something a little friendlier for the earth for your guests to park their derrieres onto and make the party even better.

Green Frog Outdoor Furniture
This is the most comprehensive site on the web dedicated to eco-friendly outdoor furniture. You’ll find everything here from picnic table sets to loungers to chic deep seating collections.

Loll Designs
If design is a huge factor for you in your purchasing decision, you’ll love the sleek, clean lines of Loll Designs outdoor furniture. Best of all, they have an entire section devoted to furniture for kids if you have a family.

Tailwind Furniture
If you are going for more of a classic wood look, you’ll want to check out the offerings from Tailwind Furniture. American-owned and manufactured in Illinois, this company makes their furniture from recycled milk containers. Purchasing just one chair will keep 450 milk cartons out of landfills.

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