4th December 2018
Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness Gift Guide for Turning the Bedroom into a Wellness Sanctuary

December always feels like you finally see the finish line at the end of a marathon, and have to give yourself a big push to cross it… it’s a sudden rush of adrenaline that you didn’t know you had in you. There are a plethora of emotions causing laughter, tears and just utter exhaustion. In a year that seemed to move too quickly, we put together a great round up of gifts that encourage self-care for yourself and your nearest and dearest.

Today, the concept of ‘Health and Wellness’ has evolved, we no longer think about health and wellness as simply a lack of illness and disease. Health and wellness is now a holistic state of being, where our mental, physical and emotional health are completely in sync. That’s why we prioritize sleep, eat organic and natural foods, load up on healthy supplements like Ashwagandha, drink our bulletproof coffee every morning and follow special diets.

It won’t matter if your gift list is filled with the avid wellness trend follower, the fitness-obsessed, the reluctant yogi or your grandma, everyone will appreciate the zen effects of the gifts we’re highlighting on our wellness gift guide. And it goes without saying that our theme here revolves around making the bedroom a wellness sanctuary!

Health & Wellness Gift Guide

Essentia Natural Memory Foam 

Essentia Christmas Wellness Gift Guide

The most important foundation to your sanctuary… your mattress! You won’t believe how transformational good sleep is until you experience it for yourself. Sleep is the source from which we replenish, and has a tremendous impact on our mental and physical health, productivity, relationships and beyond. Essentia understands this and has created the world’s healthiest and most durable foam mattresses, free of harmful toxins, allergens, and off-gases found in synthetic mattresses so you can reap the full health benefits of sleep, without harming yourself or the environment. Promoting a clean air environment, Essentia mattresses are also hypoallergenic as they do not have any wool or fiber batting that dust mites love. Plus, the natural memory foam and core are impervious to dust mites as reported by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton of the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Essentia’s mission is to ensure you achieve the best rest possible because a good night turns into a better day. 


Vitruvi Stone Diffuser

Vitruvi Black Stone Diffuser

Calming scents can help prepare your body for sleep, and we are big fans of the beautiful stone diffuser by Vitruvi. Not only is the minimalistic design beautiful, but when used with good essential oils you’ll find yourself using this every night. When it comes to essential oils, we’re big fans of the organic essential oils found at the Hippocrates Health Institute, you can shop these great essential oils here. Don’t forget, lavender is scientifically proven to help you relax and de-stress!


Lunya Sleepwear


Did you know that the National Sleep Foundation recommends keeping your bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 Fahrenheit for optimal sleep? It’s true! Because your body begins to cool itself to initiate sleep, keeping it cool can help you kick-start the process. If this seems far off for you, there are few things that can help like a cooling mattress and these Lunya pajamas. The Cool Pima collection is made with breathable Pima cotton with a touch of silver specially woven to give you a cool, dry and fresh sleep.


Philips Wake Up Light in the Stay Well Shop


If you need a bit more help falling asleep and a LOT of help waking up this light will do both without jarring your body. By stimulating the sunrise, this light gently wakes you up in the morning. Clinical research performed by independent science facilities shows the natural effects of artificial dawn simulation improve the overall experience of waking up. The light gradually increases over the course of 30 minutes, filling the room with bright yellow light that stimulates the body. Natural sounds slowly increase in volume to complete the wake up experience. 


The Screen collection by Look Optic

We all know that we should be cutting down on screen time to help up fall asleep at night, but did you know its also very important to keep the blue light at bay during the day as well? That’s where these blue light blocking glasses come into play, cutting down on blue-light absorption by 30%! This helps limit your overexposure to blue light from screens and indoor lighting helping you fall asleep faster at night. Don’t take our word for it, it’s proven! “While light of any kind can suppress the secretion of melatonin, blue light at night does so more powerfully,” explains an article from the Harvard Health Publishing. “Harvard researchers and their colleagues conducted an experiment comparing the effects of 6.5 hours of exposure to blue light to exposure to green light of comparable brightness. The blue light suppressed melatonin for about twice as long as the green light and shifted circadian rhythms by twice as much (three hours versus an hour and a half)”.

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