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5th October 2016
Healthy Home

Healthy Sleep for Your Baby!

Setting up your first nursery is an exciting activity for new parents, especially considering this will become a sanctuary for your new little one. While designing a new nursery is definitely fun, there are some big points you want to be sure you tick off.

Here are the 3 most important things to consider for your new baby:

1 – Indoor air quality is top priority! You want to be sure that baby isn’t exposed to a cocktail of off-gassing in the new nursery. This means you need to ensure you are using paint which is free of VOCs and that you get the painting done a few months prior to baby’s arrival. This will also mean you want to be sure the furniture purchased uses VOC-free adhesives and has been set up with more than enough time for the ‘new’ smell to wear off. There are a lot of things in your home you probably didn’t realize were toxic, including your own mattress!

2 – Choose the right crib mattress for baby! You want to be sure baby is sleeping on a surface that allows for proper blood flow while still keeping proper spinal alignment and body temperature. Essentia’s LaLa crib mattress addresses all of these elements and then some. Made using only the highest quality natural and organic components, the LaLa offers a clean air environment for baby while still offering a touch of pressure relief. Essentia has also been tested to dissipate body heat through the core, which will help keep baby from overheating. Not to mention, Essentia is allergy friendly! Tested by Dr. Robert G. Hamilton at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine you can be sure your baby will be breathing easy.

3 – We’ve touched on the big parts of the nursery, but did you know the little things matter just as much? Polyester fabrics or other artificial man-made fibers can pose a risk to your baby as well! Not only is polyester uncomfortable but it also retains body heat and is generally treated with chemicals that can cause topical irritations or respiratory issues. Stick to organic cotton or as pure a fiber as you can when it comes to baby’s bedding and clothing. You’ll also want to consider sticking to wicker or bamboo natural baskets and storage in baby’s room. Plastic bins and PVC containers can contribute to poor air quality. Over time plastics begin to decompose and even flake off small particulates that can be trapped in dust and inhaled.

Healthy living revolves around our ability to make a number of small changes in the products we purchase. Cumulatively the choices we make add up and prevent conditions or health complications down the road. Help your children get off to the right start!


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