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28th June 2012

Heavy Weight Vegan Mike Tyson!

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Have you ever craved meat, well I have. Meat has been part of my life for as long as I can remember. It’s only in the last couple of years that I’ve been educated on all of the horrible stuff that goes into it. Meats today are laced with hormones and antibiotics, which can have transverse effects on our health.

Now, I’ll never be vegan or vegetarian for that matter but to everybody that is, I respect you. I can however cut my intake of meats down, especially beef, which I have since college.

During college I had to do an extensive research paper on cord fed beef and from there on, I never looked at beef the same way. Since writing that paper, I haven’t purchased any beef that wasn’t grass-fed. Along with drastically cutting down my overall meat intake and I have to say, I do feel cleaner.

Recently I’ve done some research on vegans and found a slew of information about vegans and their lifestyle. Being vegan seems to cleanse the body and mind. It really isn’t just about health and animals; it’s more about self-control and self preservation. During my research I found an article on Mike Tyson and his transformation into becoming a vegan, which I found very interesting. After losing his daughter, Tyson was on a bender of drugs and alcohol and realized he needed to change his lifestyle, in which part of his transformation included becoming vegan.

Who would have thought a vegan Mike Tyson would be just what the doctor ordered?

Watch the video for a little more insight on this heavy weights veganism as he discusses it on the Ellen Show.

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