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4th November 2019
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Holiday Hosting: Our Top 5 Tips for Entertaining Overnight Guests

As we welcome November, we also welcome the start of the Holiday season. Between Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hannukah there will be a lot of holiday hosting happening, including overnight guests! We’ve put together our top 5 tips to help you handle holiday hosting like a pro. These will be more than the basics that you should already have taken care of like double-checking that you’ve washed enough towels, purchased enough snacks, and got plenty of toiletries on hand. Bonus points if you put these things in your guests’ bedroom so they don’t have to bother you for them.

Essentia’s Top 5 Holiday Hosting Tips:

AV9A9889 Edit webMastering hosting starts in the Master Bedroom!

You’ll have so much on your plate that you need to be sure you’re getting the most of the hours you are asleep. That’s why you should be sleeping on an Essentia mattress, the only mattress to offer all 6 key elements of wholebody recovery including sleeping cool, unmatched pressure relief and accelerated recovery. The mattress of choice for professional athletes and health gurus alike, sleeping on an Essentia mattress will help you conquer the holidays! 

Make the guest bedroom feel like home. 

Staying in a new home can affect the way you sleep, especially if you’re a light sleeper who wakes at any new noise. We’re big fans of keeping a fan or a white noise machine in the guest room so that your guests have the option to help them relax more easily when it’s bedtime. A big plus is also adding an Essentia Dorm IQ Topper to the mattress if there is not already an Essentia mattress in the room. The portable Dorm IQ topper can help you transform any area into a comfy sleep spot. Don’t forget the most important, a fresh set of sheets preferably a crisp white set of supremely soft sateen organic cotton sheets.

Have extra toiletries available. filios sazeides uckPy5B7K4o unsplash

Sometimes guests forget things or do not have room to pack some things. One way to provide guests with any toiletry items they may need is to have a glass container filled with lotion, shampoo, conditioner, sunscreen, & more samples in the guest room available for the guests to grab & use whenever they need them.

Ask about food allergies or sensitivities.

These days, it seems that everyone has some dietary restrictions. Rather than standing in front of the fridge together playing 20 questions before breakfast, finding out who can’t eat what ahead of time means you can have at least one thing stocked for everyone. Don’t go tracking down obscure ingredients; just a simple snack will show that you’re paying attention and trying to accommodate.

Empower guests to help themselves. 

Guests can feel awkward having to ask every time they need something. Make things easier — on you and them — by giving a little self-help tour early on in their stay. At the minimum show your guest where the coffee- and tea-making supplies, snacks, drinks, and dishes are kept. Show them where your garbage and recycling cans are, and where to put what. If they will be staying longer, provide a small laundry basket and show them how to work things in the laundry room.

We hope our holiday hosting tips help you this season, and we’d love to hear your go-to tips for hosting overnight guests in the comments!

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