1st April 2020
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How Essentia’s EMF Barrier Natural Foam Formula Protects You

As you know, the world of communication is about to change with the implementation of 5G across our cities. We have already been constantly exposed to radiation, electromagnetic frequencies, and electrosmog but with 5G comes a new set of problems. The main issue with long term exposure to these radiation waves is that most scientists believe they are mutagenic, meaning they have the ability to change the DNA structure of living beings. This is why many birds and even the bee population have been damaged by exposure to non-ionizing radiation, causing them to abandon nests and reduces the egg-laying ability of the queen leading to a decline in colony strength. 


The biggest concern is how these wavelengths will affect humans and the massive effect it will have on the skin. The body has up to 4 million sweat ducts, with exposure to these wavelengths those ducts act as an array of helical antennas meaning they become conductive. Studies have shown that 90% of the transmitted power of 60 GHz is absorbed in the epidermis and dermis layers of skin. Health risks to humans with prolonged exposure to radiation include hair loss, decreased appetite, low energy, damaged organs, deep depression, confusion, and infections.

What this means is that every item you encounter, whether natural or synthetic, emits a frequency. Every molecule vibrates at its own frequency. Some frequencies create balance and healing, while others, such as synthetic frequencies promote fatigue, stress, and exhaust natural melatonin. These vibrations or frequencies are all around us.

Essentia Natural Memory Foam EMF Protection 

Over the years, we’ve been overpowering the natural frequencies with far more electric vibrations than we’ve ever seen in the past, but we’ve also added cell phone signals, data signals, and now ramping them up to 5G signals. Unnatural signals come from microwaves and electronics which seem obvious, but also from synthetic components like foams, plastics, and glues which can all also be further distorted by metals and coils.

What we’ve achieved with Essentia’s EMF Barrier Formula is through the blending of natural minerals into our natural memory foam, we are able to amplify the natural vibration of the natural memory foam and maintain a constant natural wave pattern. The frequency, while not blocking the transmission of data and cell phones from operating, does overpower the vibration pattern which would otherwise disrupt the natural wellness flow that creates balance and healing.

While these concepts are difficult to imagine as you cannot see these signals, vibrations, and patterns, we’ve been able to identify the effects of these frequencies to cellular blood behavior. Through lab testing, we’ve identified that the Essentia EMF formula’s dominant frequency maintains healthy blood cell activity which improves oxygen flow as it does not obstruct blood cells.

You can upgrade your Essentia Wholebody Recovery mattress foam to include our EMF protection barrier. This is especially helpful in today’s world as we will all be working from home, with a multitude of devices, for the foreseeable future. 

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