President Obama Smiles1
9th November 2012

How President Obama Sleeps Every Night is Important!


President Obama Smiles

Now that he’s been re-elected, it is crucial that President Obama has a good night’s sleep every night, preferably on a non-toxic mattress like those offered by Essentia. The following are two lists that illustrate where President Obama should have an Essentia Mattress and the benefits an Essentia Mattress can offer to the President regarding his duties as commander in chief.


Where? :

1) White House

2)Camp David

3)Hyde Park

4)Air Force One


His health is very, very important to this entire nation. We at Essentia Chicago, believe our mattresses can not only make our president healthier, but can rejuvenate his spirit for another four years, if not another twenty years (warranty). The president must get a good nights sleep so that he can lead this country and the daily issues concerning our nation.The following is a list of ten ways Essentia Mattresses can directly help the President for the next four years.

  1. Sleeping on an Essentia Mattress will help President Obama properly strategize ways to decrease government spending and national debt.
  2. Sleeping on an Essentia mattress with no off-gassing will help President Obama to have a greater capacity for developing new and continuous renewable energy solutions.
  3. Sleeping on an Essentia Mattress is universally healthy, which will allow President Obama to improve and strengthen foreign affairs. Hopefully Essentia will be expanding overseas soon! *wink,wink
  4. Sleeping on an Essentia Mattress, which is organic, will help President Obama to continue to bring awareness concerning a healthy diet and fighting obesity in United States.
  5. Sleeping on an Essentia Mattress is, “For the Nicer, Everyday People” like Essentia, President Obama does not just cater to the 1%. Together, Essentia and President Obama will always strive to accommodate the other 99%.
  6. The health aspects of sleeping on an Essentia Mattress will help with preventative care, ultimately supporting the President Obama’s health care bill Obamacare.
  7. While sleeping on an Essentia Mattress that does not trap heat, which is all of our mattresses, President Obama will be more creative in his approach at countering climate change.
  8. Because Essentia offers a Unity mattress, which allows an equitable comfort choice between both men and women, President Obama will be able to more than ever push for the Equal Pay For Women Act.
  9. Essentia mattresses are so comfortable it will give all kids a continuous night sleep, ultimately helping our President to better our education system and help the teachers of this nation.
  10. Essentia Mattress technology is so sophisticated, it will help President Obama improve national security and technology innovation.


How do you think an Essentia mattress can help the President with the next 4 years of his term?

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  1. Erin

    I reckon Obama would need the Dormeuse Fior in the White House. Seriously, why mess around? The demands of that job means he needs THE BEST.

    At Camp David he may want something a bit firmer – perhaps the Beausommet….to reflect a more camp style sleep arrangement??? Having said that Camp David is rather posh…..perhaps the Dormeuse Fior again? 😉

    Air Force one I’d say Energie Opus to really have that uber soft floaty feeling.

    And Hyde Park – he can have whatever one he fancies the most! Ya Obama – 4 more years!! 😀

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