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1st March 2017

How well do you know your mattress? Take this quiz to find out!

You spend so much time sleeping, that knowing what goes into your mattress, how to clean your mattress and any warranties are a top priority. Think you know everything about your mattress? We created this quiz so you can test your knowledge of your current sleep situation.

Did you know that Essentia mattresses have been tested by Dr. Robert Hamilton at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, and have been proven to be impervious to dust mites. Yep, those pesky dust mites that make their homes in your traditional spring mattress or the wool and cotton batting of your organic mattress can be a big reason you aren’t sleeping well. Since these pesky critters can’t live in an Essentia mattress, you get an allergy friendly sleep environment.

Take this quiz today and see how much you know about your mattress! You may be surprised by the results and realize it’s time to upgrade.


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