12th May 2010
Environmental Health

Human Feces Fertilize Ontario Farms


I met an organic farmer at the Green Living Show in Toronto a few weeks back who said sludge is being sprayed over crops as fertilizers.

“they don’t even hide it” he says. “everyone in the area knows”.

The average Ontario farmer earns $-15,000 / year, yes that’s a negative, so when the city passes by offering free biosolids they have difficulty saying no. Biosolid is processed sludge. At times farmers are paid by the city to accept.

Here’s where the problems lie. Chemicals we consume are now being found in our crops and meat. Pharmaceuticals, steroids, flame-retardants, metals, hormones and human pathogens, among other things.

So the fire retardants that are in your couch, mattress, carpet, tv and computer plastics are now being found in cows since they eat the crop grown with biosolids.

Here’s a New York Times article about it. 20 chemicals were detected in earth worms.

If you think you’re safe, think again.

What goes around comes around. Sleep tight people.

Reason #67 to eat organic.

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  1. Judy Isenberg

    I raised cattle on hay grown in biosoilds. I also worked at the facility. After 5 yrs I was dionosed with hodgekins lymphoma. I was later told by a man who worked for Rutgers University, that I wasnt supposed to eat any cattle that was raised on the hay. It’s been 20 years now, My daughter and I have some health issues such a joint problems. I now have Lupus. I honestly think it all stems from eating the meat from the cattle we raised on that hay. We had eaten for years. Another thing, A few times I didn’t get the livers because something was wrong with them.

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