3rd October 2012

I See Leaves of Green, and Leaves of Green, And… Yeah, the Fall Leaves are Still Green.



Global warming’s not all bad, right? I mean, we can save money on heating in the winter, go swimming in the Arctic Ocean without worrying about bonking our heads on some pesky block of ice or getting eaten by a Polar Bear. All in all, there seem to be a lot of pluses that come from the situation. Sure, it probably signals the end of days and a scorched earth, but, we had a pretty good run, right? I mean, YOLO, right?

Well, a new study wants to put a squash on our love affair with climate change. It seems global warming is having an effect on something, I think we can all agree, we can’t lose: The beauty of the trees. Studies in Europe and Asia indicate leaves are both changing color and falling later.

Here’s a video from accuweather.com explaining what’s going on:


So, that’s a bummer! I love colorful Autumns!


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