24th July 2013

If You Can’t Live Without Bacon…

There’s just something absolutely delicious about good Canadian bacon, smoking bacon, or pretty much anything that has bacon in it.

The problem is, bacon is just so high in fat and calories that it’s almost like you’re eating food made to give you a heart attack.

Can’t say goodbye to your precious bacon altogether? It may be time to look into “facon” options – foods that are as close to bacon as it gets without actually being the delicious pork meat!

The TOP 5 bacon alternatives…


1) Swimmer’s Bacon

Just because it’s made with salmon, that doesn’t mean that this bacon alternative isn’t absolutely delicious. The strips of smoked salmon may not taste exactly like your favorite meat, but “river pig” is a great alternative for your BLTs. You can smoke it with maple to get that delicious flavor you’re missing out on.


2) Wild Bacon

Texas is famous for its smoked wild boar bacon, which comes from wild boars rather than domesticated oinkers. It’s a bit leaner than regular bacon, and the “wild” flavor of the meat makes you feel like a real man!


3) Flying Bacon

You may not think of Donald Duck when the word “bacon” comes to mind, but duck bacon is a viable option if you’re trying to quit. Moulard duck breasts are smoked and sliced, and the result is a darn tasty meat that is far leaner and lower in saturated fats than regular bacon. It may not taste exactly the same, but you’ll definitely enjoy the gamey taste of your new bacon.


4) Horned Bacon

Elk is the new pork, or so the elk bacon manufacturers will try to tell you. It tastes a whole lot like the real deal, and it’s a pretty delicious option if you’re looking for a bacon alternative. You can even find elk BBQ ribs, elk jerky, and all sorts of elk meats!


5) Veggie Bacon

Few people will tell you that “Fakon” is a good option, but it’s not all as bad as they say – provided you don’t actually taste it. Stick it in a sandwich after it’s fried to a crisp, and it will give you most of the crunch of real bacon without tasting too much like the soy protein it’s made with.


They may not be your favorite choices, but at least they’re not as high-fat as that delicious bacon you can no longer eat!

Have you tried any of these? Any recommendation for healthier bacon alternatives? Share it with everyone below


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  1. F.

    I LOVE bacon but I won’t cook it willingly. Too messy, even in the oven. So I only eat it at restaurants or other people’s houses.

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