genetically modified
14th November 2012
Environmental Health

Inflammation Tied to Genetically Modified Food Consumption!

genetically modified

“A Genetically Modified Food”

(Photo above sourced from the Decrypted Matrix).

You’ve probably heard there is an obesity epidemic in Canada and the U.S.A., right?

Yet, there very well may be another epidemic that is silently affecting people.  It is arguable that there is an inflammatory epidemic.  Never before have so many people had so many inflammatory diseases and allergies. I don’t think this is a coincidence, especially if you aren’t careful and are buying genetically modified foods.

Yes, inflammation is a necessary response when the body feels under attack. Usually, inflammation occurs when the body experiences an injury, pain, illness, or stress.  As part of the healing process, the body will first send help in the form of inflammation to the area in pain.  The result: you may experience swelling, redness and warmth at the site of the injury or illness.

Yet, having your body in a constant state of inflammation can wreak havoc on your health.  Dr. Robert A. Kornfeld shares how to naturally reduce inflammation in your body in his scholarly article, “Five Ways to Reduce Inflammation Naturally.”  I have tried a few of his recommendations and I do believe they help.

Now to the crux of my blog, after watching the documentary, Genetic Roulette – The Gamble of Our Lives, I really started thinking of how consuming genetically modified foods may be a large contributing factor to the obesity epidemic by way of inflammation.  Most people in North America are consuming GMO foods (foods derived from Genetically Modified Organisms), and likely a large portion of them are suffering from inflammation of their intestinal track through having a leaky gut.  As explained in the documentary and discussed by Dr. Mark Hyman in his Ultra Wellness Youtube show (see video below), a lot of people are starting to experience leaky bowel syndrome, a.k.a. increased intestinal permeability.  You see, as the body does not recognize this foreign GMO food, it can’t break it down properly.  Some of this food that is not digested fully can over time escape into the blood stream, causing your body’s immune system to go on red alert, producing inflammation.   As well, typically slowly, but at times quickly, a person can become allergic to the food that escaped into their blood stream – yikes!

I think it is fair to say, the obesity epidemic and the inflammatory epidemic go hand in hand, and until people start consuming natural non-GMO foods, they may very well have health issues related to weight gain, allergic reactions, and indigestion.  Of course, limiting trans fats and sugars will help out as well with weight loss and inflammation.

As discussed in the video below, food is not just there to give our bodies nutrition; it is also there to supply information to our bodies.  When we consume foods that are genetically modified, we aren’t sending clear messages to our system.  Just as trans fats and sugars may be low in nutritional value, GMO foods also may not carry the same nutritional levels as non-GMO foods.

Don’t live an inflammatory lifestyle.  Give your body a break and eat clean, leaving those GMO’s and sugary/fatty foods behind.



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