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20th March 2011

Is Plastic Really Nature’s Enemy?

Everyone knows there is a huge consensus of reducing the use of plastic in order to lower our eco-footprint. Plastic bags are a huge nuisance by clogging up storm drains, creating litter, tangling recycling equipment and threatening wildlife on land or at sea. It’s gotten so bad that plastic bags are banned in some places. However if plastic was so bad, why did we use it at all?

plastic bag

Think of what was used before plastic. Things like ivory, tortoiseshell and other natural minerals were being overused to the point that they were being scarce. It’s because of that reckless use of using natural minerals that plastic was created originally. ┬áThe creation was supposed to lower our environmental footprint.

Plastic isn’t really the problem, it’s how we typically use it. Because plastic is so easily accessible, we think it’s cheap and worthless to reuse. Think about how many times you go to the store and bring your stuff home in a plastic bag, chances are the bag is tossed in the trash. You really aren’t getting the most of it. The great thing about plastic is that it can be reused numerous times. Save the bags when you go back to the store or refill your plastic water bottles. Doing things like that would definitely save on the amount you use as well as getting the most out of your plastic.

Sure, reusable grocery bags are handy enough and there is certainly enough incentive to bring them back but if you are using plastic bags, be sure not to dismiss them so easily. You can take an unnatural synthetic idea and use it to benefit nature. That’s an idea to reduce your eco-footprint you can put in the bag.

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