m3 prius
13th July 2011
Santa Monica

It’s Not The Car, It’s The Driver

m3 prius

When you think of good gas mileage, your mind normally goes to cars like the Toyota Prius and other hybrid electric vehicles; however, Top Gear recently proved it’s not so much the car as it is the driver.

The test that Jeremy Clarkson does, proves that driving aggressively in any car will kill your MPG’s.  In the video you see a car being pushed to its limits(Prius) and a car trailing it (M3) go 10 laps on a circuit.

This video really demonstrates that if you get an efficient car, you have to drive it efficiently. It’s been proven in the past that having a heavy right foot in an electric car will lower your range, which makes sense. More output requires more energy, watch the video to see the surprising results.



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