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12th May 2008

Keetsa Mattress

Keetsa Mattress CompanyJoe Alexander, the sales & marketing director over at San Francisco based Keetsa mattress store called me today.

He wanted some spec sheets on our products and we had a little chat. I guess he was fishing for some info on the competition. (no clue who he was until after the call when i Googled him)

He should have told me who he was. We’re not threatened by Keetsa in the least. As far as i’m concern there is no competition…lol….keep reading.

Keetsa sells spring mattresses…we’re not spring. Our natural foam mattresses start at $2000 which are his top-of-the-line spring mattresses. I’ve referred people over to Keetsa when their budget restricts them to synthetics. I’d much rather they buy a Keetsa than a Sealy or Serta, hands down. The only thing we have in common is that our customers care about the environment.

Bottom line, once people understand what we bring to the table and they can afford an Essenta, it’s very difficult not to want and buy one.

Keetsa seems to be doing pretty well. At least they’re trying to make eco-friendly mattresses.

So Joe, don’t be shy to give me a call if you have any more questions. 😉

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  1. Joe Alexander

    Not shy at all! Just don’t go around introducing myself as “Joe Alexander, the marketing and sales director at Keetsa.” 🙂
    And yes, I was very curious to hear what Essentia has to offer. Sounds like you guys are making some great innovations. As for us, we make SOME spring mattresses….and foam as well. Keep up the good work guys!

  2. saynotogmo

    Keetsa mattresses are kinda green..but not as eco-friendly as they let on.

    Made in China, non-organic fabrics, petroleum foams.

    Not very green according to my standards. Keetsa greenwashes plain and simple.

    People are purchasing these mattresses for their kids thinking it’s green and SAFE. Not sure how the ppl at Keetsa sleep at night.

  3. SickOKeetsaBS

    Keetsa review writers (especially on YELP) always crack me up with the transparency of who they are and what they do. Many even sound exactly the same while others are too forced to sound different but with the same yummy message for Keetsa. Either Joe himself has hundreds of alias names or he hires bloggers (or both – likely both). He is truly the ultimate Greenwasher – AND unfortunately he is also an attacker of the honest businesses out there with fake reviews ripping on competitors. He has a reason for not telling you who he is. We get it Jo Joe Keetsa dude – you will stop at nothing to prop yourself up while destroying the reputations of other small businesses competing with you and your toxic bed-in-a-box from China!

    WalMart and other cheapy places sell your mattresses too – made by same mfg – just not greenwashed by BS marketing. Keetsa BETTER have a good customer service schtick going over there to cover up the truth about their toxic beds with chemical additives (yes even the ones with organic covers). I feel sorry for the businesses fakely attacked by Keetsa writers but am entertained by the ones they write for themselves. Woo hoo go go Keetsa dudes – keep the BS reviews flowin and we shall continue to be entertained by your “yummy” reviews – Hilarious!

    • sue Marquez

      Absolutely occur with SickOKeetsa, the mattresses are toxic, from China. I am a victim, stuck with such a toxic product, suffering from systemic allergic reactions, trying to figure out how to dispose of it. It was sold to me as “organic” and non-toxic.They are committing a crime by selling these.

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