26th March 2008
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Latex Mattress or Memory Foam ?

Latex Rubber TreeWhat’s better, latex mattress or memory foam mattress? I get this question every day. Here`s the low down.

Lets compare the 2: Latex Mattress vs Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam mattresses are made with petroleum based chemicals. This is not eco-friendly but they offer unmatched pressure relief and blood circulation and you’ll find memory foam mattresses in hospitals across the country because of this.

Qualities and prices vary greatly so choose wisely.

Latex mattresses pretty much last forever and they’re eco-friendly, coming from a renewable resource. Latex is as green as it gets when it comes to mattresses. However, they cannot compete with memory foam in terms of pressure relief but do a pretty good job. Latex mattress tend to hover around the the same price range as better quality memory foam mattress.

If you’re going latex, choose a 100% natural latex mattress. There are plenty of synthetic latexes, blends and partially synthetic latex mattresses on the market so do your research.

Essentia’s Hybrid Latex / Memory Foam Mattress

That’s where our hybrid latex foam comes into play.

We’ve taken 100% all natural latex and through our process managed to achieve memory foam like properties with a better feel. We’re the only manufacturers of this natural memory foam in the world. read more about Essentia’s natural memory foam.

Pretty simple ay, now you’re in the know.

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  1. Gayle Tapper

    Aren’t some people allergic to latex?
    I regularly see a different kind of
    glove replacing the latex glove.

  2. lorraine

    I find my memory foam 3inch 3lb purchased from Costco has lost its memory, after only 8 mths. We also noted the warmth from it is impossible to sleep with comfort. Next to almost no sheets at use and fans blowing on us. I would NOT recommend anyone purchase this.
    The amount of information is overwhelming online in regards to memory foam. having just purchased a brand new Pocket Coil mattress and box spring we put the memory foam topper on for some some comfort only to find that we wake after approx 3 hrs with our bodies very warm from the foam.
    Anyone have information on a proper TOPPER since my mattress and boxspring is brand new would be appreciated. I like to sleep warm but NOT waking up HOT.

  3. jason

    Hi Gayle,

    People allergic to the proteins in latex. We strip those out during manufacturing so it’s allergy free latex. 😉

  4. jason

    Hi Lorraine,

    Your experience was with synthetic memory foam which doesn’t breathe well AT ALL.

    Our natural memory foam does not have breathability issues since it’s made from natural ingredients.

    It’s like cotton, not polyester.

  5. University Mattress

    According to a survey that is made approx thousand people, on the question which is more better between Latex foam & Memory foam. Based on our survey, a somewhat higher percentage of latex bed owners than memory foam bed owners said that their mattress is comfortable. Specifically, the numbers are about 88% for latex and 83% for memory foam.

  6. Kitty Deschanel

    I read this Blog. this blog is very helpful to me. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. Harriana

    I purchased a memory foam mattress from The Mattress Warehouse and I can honestly say that a natural memory foam mattress is better than buying a bed or mattress made from latex as some people are allergic to it. Memory foam is breathable, hypoallergenic and is designed to prevent the creation of pressure points due to discomfort. I will pick a memory foam mattress over a latex mattress any day. This blog is really helpful.

  8. Nathan Crowley

    As much as I’d like to go green, I want to be able to sleep soundly at night, so I’ll probably go with a memory foam mattress. Though it’s good that we have natural options available. Good job!

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