green valentines day
7th February 2012

Make this Valentine’s Day a Green One!

green valentines day

Okay my green lovebirds, I know the special day is coming up soon and I thought it would be quite interesting to research green ideas for Valentine’s day. Check out the tips below by Michelle Wolfson who wrote this in an article today about making your Valentine’s Day as Eco-friendly as possible!

1. Consider sending an e-card instead of a traditional greeting card to family and friends. If you are one to send a valentine to everyone from your butcher to your old next door neighbor, this is an especially good idea. If you must, save the paper card purchases for your spouse or significant other.

If an e-card simply will not do, consider buying a card with a heavy post-consumer recycled material content or better still, one made from one of the treeless paper alternatives available. There are several friendlier alternatives to paper appearing on the horizon. Many use fiber from plants such as hemp, bamboo and, in particular, kenaf.

Kenaf is a type of hibiscus, originating in Africa. It thrives in relatively poor soils and grows incredibly fast. An an acre of kenaf can produce up to 11 tons of fiber suitable for paper products in just one growing season.

2. Consider purchasing organic or Fair Trade certified chocolates and flowers as an alternative to traditional mass produced items. Fair Trade certification is designed to show the consumer that the items they have purchased have met with a set of stringent environmental standards, the minimum use and safe handling of agrochemicals, conservation of water, controls on gathering from the wild and deforestation, a ban on genetically modified crops and good soil management practices. It also ensures that the producer is paid a fair price for their labor and materials, and that workers, particularly children, are not exploited in the production process. It is important to note that not all organic certified products are Fair Trade certified, and vice versa.

3. Instead of buying a random trinket made in some factory somewhere and sold at a tremendously overinflated price, consider purchasing a gift card for a service such as housekeeping, a massage, or a day at the spa. There should be several holistic and eco-friendly spas in your area – do some research.

4. Lastly, consider making a charitable donation in honor of your friend or loved one as a Valentine’s Day gesture that will last well beyond the half eaten chocolates and wilted flowers.

Show some love to Earth this Valentine’s day!

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