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7th November 2012
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Matcha Green Tea and Your Health!


(Photo sourced from Tanabata Green Tea).

Green your body with matcha green tea. The delicious matcha is extremely high in nutrients and antioxidants. Not only that, but matcha aids in thermogenesis, potentially increasing metabolism by up to 40%. It is no wonder, then, that matcha green tea drinkers often lose weight.

Matcha (also macha or maccha) tea is made from finely ground tea powder beaten into water to make an iced or hot beverage. Other ingredients such as milk may be added.

Originally produced in China, matcha green tea was once dried into little cakes for ease of use during travelling. A small piece of the dried cake could be broken off and whisked into hot water for a refreshing cup of tea.

matcha teafarm

(Matcha Tea Farm)

(Photo sourced from Rejuvenal site).

The tea leaves for matcha are shaded during growth so that they develop a high level of chlorophyll, becoming a vibrant green. The intensely green matcha tea is still used for Japanese tea ceremonies, and is added for flavor and colour to Japanese ice cream, candies, and noodles.

Long a favourite of Zen Buddhist monks, the relaxing l-theanine in matcha green tea increases alpha waves in the brain, with an accompanying ability to focus and concentrate.

Be cautious, though. Some who drink matcha say it can bring on nausea if used to excess, especially initially. While safer than most energy drinks, the tea has been known to cause a major buzz that keeps drinkers up at night. Sip matcha slowly and in small quantities.

Another possible detractor is the price. While sugary diluted matcha is available quite inexpensively in popular tea- and coffeehouses, pure matcha will set you back $40 or more for a small can (think “fruit glass” size).

View an informative video on this special tea as a master teaologist explains more about matcha in Teavana’s cupping room.



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