26th September 2007

Mattress Blog by Peter J. Cancelli – Incorrect

Mattress blogger, Peter J. Cancelli, filtered out our comment on this post.

Here’s the truth.

Lisa of kansas city, wrote:
Do you know anything about Essentia?
I’ve been doing a lot of research on memory foam and Essentia seems to have something incredible. Isn’t tempur supposed to be the best?

Peter J. Cancelli responded:
Hi Lisa, Essentia is a 1 year old Canadian company making memory foam mattresses. They add latex bars to the top for better response. Memory foam has proven itself to be less than desireable for many of the people who have purchased it. Latex is proven to be the best. Adding latex bars to memory foam makes the memory foam mattress better than not having latex, but an all latex mattress is far superior.

The Truth:
The latex bars are not what provide the better response. It’s all in Essentia’s natural memory material formulation which outperforms latex.

Lab studies show that Essentia’s Natural Memory Material outperforms both Tempur material and Latex foam.

Latex’s claim to fame is its resiliency but it’s not medically recognized for pressure relief or blood circulation which is why hospitals don’t have latex beds, they choose memory foam.

The Blogs owner, Peter J. Cancelli, appears to do a good job at answering questions from the public. We left a comment for that post which he never published. Just thought we’d clear the air.

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  1. anon

    I know the Blog Owner. He has no comment because he is NEVER WRONG. He is the Professional at Being an ******. He can’t stand up and be a man, even when it comes to answering a simple question.

  2. Adela Zahir

    Well said! I would like to say about my experience. I bought a memory foam mattress Dubai from the Roya Rest, one of the popular mattress stores in UAE. It’s really good, I can sleep peacefully, It helps to reduce body aches because it allows for pressure point relief, which is especially helpful for those who sleep on their sides.

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