18th March 2013
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Meditation Matters, It Really Does…


Meditation, it’s a word which conjures up a lot of different things to different people. To many, particularly those who do not partake in the practice, it can seem silly, one of those alternative things that only “new agey” yoga people do. To others, it might seem like a means to procrastinate, to avoid being productive in our hectic and busy lives, but for those who do practice a daily ritual of meditation, they are aware of the many rewards and riches a quiet mind provides.

The value of meditation is enormous, exponential and experiential. In other words, its true capacity for healing can only be felt, measured and understood by practicing it on a fairly regular basis.

A simple meditation each day, which can be as brief as 15-20 minutes will not only do wonders towards how you cope and deal with the rest of your day, but positively change the course for how the rest of your life will play out and unfold.

The benefits of meditation have been proven quite extensively and range from things such as: stress reduction, better blood circulation, increased focus and memory, an aid for depression and anxiety, lowering blood pressure, enhancing the immune system, increasing serotonin levels and providing a much greater understanding of ourselves.

According to The New York Times:

Researchers report that those who mediated for about 30 minutes a day for eight weeks had measurable changes in gray-matter density in parts of the brain associated with memory, sense of self, empathy and stress.

A new Harvard Medical School Report states that:

Long term practitioners of relaxation methods such as yoga and meditation had far more active “disease fighting genes” compared to those who practiced no form of relaxation.  The Harvard study also showed that after two months of daily practice, the participants had profound changes in the body: The genes that help fight inflammation, kill diseased cells, and protect the body from cancer all began to switch on.

Another wonderful thing about meditation is, it’s free!  No gym membership is required, you can do it anywhere at any time and it has absolutely nothing but positive side effects!

If you are new to mediation, The Conscious Life has some great easy to follow steps on how to mediate for beginners.

Yes, it is one more thing to add to your already long list of “to do” and yet another thing people are trying to convince you of as being “good for the soul” but the facts are in and the truth is, it will make the rest of your “to do” list a heck of a lot easier to get through!

Namaste all…

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