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11th October 2009
Environmental Health

Monsanto and Dupont Own The Meal on Your Plate

fullplate melih kesmen

Alternet.org is always a good read, and the post that inspired this one is no exception. Author Joya Parsons breaks down how Monsanto and Dupont have ownership of a greater proportion of our food supply, and how we let them do it in this article that will take about 10 minutes of your time to read. Some highlights:

  • World¬†agriculture¬†has lost 75% of its genetic diversity due to standardization, monoculture farming, and globalization.
  • 95% of cabbage varieties are gone
  • Diamond v. Chakrabarty has given corporations the right to patent plant life at the genetic level.
  • How to avoid plants and seeds that are under patent
  • Full list of seed sources for non-GMO crops
It may be almost winter, but after reading this you’ll be plotting your non-GMO garden for next year.

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