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1st September 2012

Mosquitos Attack Santa Monica With West Nile Virus

west nile virus mosquitojpg b154fc5e458d4297 large

Santa Monica has fallen victim to the West Nile Virus. Over fifty dead birds have tested positive for the virus. Normally, the virus is nothing to worry about,with symptoms being mild to none; however, its best to avoid any contact with mosquitos or stagnant water because sometimes symptoms can be more severe.

The best practice is to avoid getting bitten.  I know it’s easier said then done but their are precautions that can be taken. Wearing long sleeve shirts and pants can always help, basically avoid showing skin. Also wearing natural repellents like Citronella and Tea tree oil can improve your chances of not getting eaten alive. Citronella candles are also available and can help keep those pesky insects away from your home.

If you want to go above and beyond you can get a zapper!

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