7th March 2012
Green Products

Naturally Made Candles That Don’t Give Off Harmful Fumes

Photo by Bluecorn Naturals

Candles can add a nice decorative touch to the home, but keep in mind that you and your family breathe in the smoke and soot they give off. Natural candles aren’t just a better choice for the environment, but they can also help keep your lungs healthier.

The aptly-named Beeswax Candles from Bluecorn Naturals use only 100% natural beeswax instead of petroleum-based paraffin, and its wicks are made entirely from cotton instead of lead. They offer votives, pillars and taper candles in raw, ivory or coloured varieties to match your home’s decor.

Beanpod uses soy wax instead of beeswax or paraffin. They offer fruit and floral scents as well as blends specifically designed to be calming. If you want to take your candles on the road, Lumia Organic offers a range of 4 oz. travel tin candles with lids. Available in a variety of colours and fragrances, they’re scented using organic oils and created from petroleum-free biodegradable wax.

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