2nd September 2015
Healthy Home

New at Essentia: Zebase!


We’re really excited to share the newest member of the Essentia family, and something that we know a lot of you have been eagerly anticipating… Zebase!

Jack Dell’Accio, our CEO & Founder, explains it best:
I’ve never been satisfied with the status quo; good enough is never good enough. This month we have an addition to our collection, which seems to be obvious, but I’ve refused to sell them since I did not find any on the market that impressed me. Our new Zebase mattress foundation is built strong to support the weight of our dense mattresses, upholstered using organic cotton padding and our signature organic striped cotton cover; this will preserve the clean air quality that the mattress assures.

Yes, you read that right we’re offering an amazing foundation that we’re making ourselves here at Essentia. It meets all of our high standards and is the perfect complement to your Essentia mattress. Click here to check out the Zebase.

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