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11th February 2011
Environmental Health

New CBC Marketplace Reveals Antibiotic-Resistant Nature of Grocery Store Chicken

Chicken broiler farm copy1

The newest episode of CBC Marketplace tests chicken for antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria, and the results are surprising. In the promo, which you can view on this page, they say that one sample tested for resistance to over 8 popular antibiotics.

It also promises to reveal “surprising information about organic poultry that claims to be raised without antibiotics”. This should be interesting. Watch it tonight, and we’ll give you our reactions on Saturday morning.

You can watch the episode tonight on the CBC, or view it on the Marketplace website after the television air time.

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  1. Garden Forum

    What do you think is better?
    Chicken with antibiotoc or without?

  2. paul

    eat it ,take a chance and shut down schools to help pay for medicare

  3. Gisele Fafard

    Am wondering if I heard correctly that KFC is advertising they only serve hormone free chicken. How can this be verified? KFC is probably one of the most grease saturated fast food on the market. Is this a ploy to get people to think that their chicken is better for us as consumers?

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