old cell phone
16th October 2011

New Iphone 4s? Save The Planet!

old cell phone

Were you one of the courageous early risers the other day to grab up an Iphone 4s?

If so, you are now responsible for saving the planet… How does that work?  Sadly most of us who get a new phone will quickly discard the old one to the circular file, without thinking about the repercussions .  This means olds phones, batteries, chargers, accessories, are all going into the trash and off to a landfill near you!

Most folks don’t realize how many toxic metals and chemicals that are used in the making of cell phones.  While contained in your pocket, next to your ear, and on your nightstand, we are protected! (Are we?)  Once the phone is discarded to the landfill where it will be broken, mashed, and compacted, all those not so friendly metals and toxins can seep into the ground and affect our planet.

So what can you do to help?  Just make a choice, that you will stand up for the planet and recycle.  There are many companies out there that will send you a postage paid envelope, where you can send them your old phone.  Not only that, but some companies may even pay you for it.

Of course, you are the type that wants to take it one step further, and really make a change!  So check out Eco-Cell, where you can actually set up a cell phone recycling program for your office or business.  This company will help you advertise and really make a change.

Once you get your program started, please post it here!


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