electric sls
7th October 2012
Energy Conservation

New Mercedes AMG Electric Dominates The Competition

electric sls

Mercedes finally jumps onboard the electric car wagon with the SLS AMG Electric Drive. This new Mercedes is meant to compete against the Audi R8 electric and Porsche 918 Spyder. Aside from the gorgeous retro styling that embodies the old 300Sl, the AMG is one of the fastest production electric vehicles on the market today.

With 4 electric motors powering all 4 wheels, and nearly 1000Nm of torque, the SLS is an electric car you don’t want to meet at a stoplight. My favorite part is the use of the KERS ( Kinetic Energy Recovery System) Formula one technology. This gives the driver an extra boost of power from stored regenerative energy. It’s almost like the electric version of nitrous oxide, allowing the driver to release an extra 100 horsepower for 3-4 seconds whenever they deem fit, like passing somebody at 190mph.

Releasing soon and costing around half a million dollars, the SLS will give you all the glamour and power you want with no emissions guilt. Personally, I love the SLS in its electric and non-electric platforms.  Cars that have already proven themselves with amazing design and simply change to an electric power train will always have my vote.



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